I'll take the arrow in the face every time.
Weirdest way I ever "lost" a video game was by becoming a drug addict in Morrowind.

Now there's no mechanic for addiction in Morrowind; you can booze it up and snort Moon Sugar by the shovelful to no ill effect. There are however, perfectly legal ways to make super-powerful potions using alchemy. I boosted my intelligence to 5000, made some Fortify Health potions, boxed a few Dremora Lords for fun, then went to sleep. Next day I woke up dead.

Restored my pre-sleep save to see what had happened. Apparently my boosted health (about 900) wore off after I fell asleep. Since the health boost was greater than my base max health (about 120) it was auto-killing me. In order to sleep, gain levels, or basically function, I was going to have to keep brewing these things.

At first I tried to keep things legit. Foraged for ingredients, bought rare components. Problem is that I needed brew a ton of "Fortify Intelligence" before I could even begin with "Fortify Health". I began skimping on parts, which mean weaker potions with shorter durations. It reached the point where I didn't have time to forage and started selling gear to buy all my ingredients. Then I started stealing them.

Finally, with a huge bounty on my head, I stood by the empty barrels of my alchemical laboratory turned meth lab, and realized that this game wasn't worth playing.

C'est La Vie, Kresh Na'Kaw the Argonian.

© TripleD

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